Bathroom Storage Hacks!


Spare bathrooms are always a great addition in every home, yet we are not used to the lack of space that they have. These hacks will allow you to take advantage of all the space you have and all the space that you didn’t think you could use.



Baskets do not only have to be cluttering the counter and the floor. They make a cheap and excellent way to make your own floating shelves. They are great to use for extra supplies and hand towels for guests.

All you need is a few screws, anchors, and a basket!


Hanging Buckets

This bucket bathroom storage hack is one that you will want to use in every guest bathroom! You can change up the colors and ropes for different designs. This hack is also great to have straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers in, so the cords are not consuming the counter.


Cabinet Storage

Invest in a wraparound cabinet for those pesky spare bathrooms with no storage! This hack is an investment but will maximize the space you have. This is also allowing you to have a more completed bathroom look.



Make use of all the extra space! Use extra organizers to attach inside cabinets. This is allowing you to store toothbrushes, makeup, and anything else you need. Storing these items on the cabinet door is also allowing you to declutter your counter.



Use a shelf under the mirror to maximize the space. This hack looks great with any design and is allowing use to utilize all the space you can. Using the shelf will also reduce everything cluttering and falling off the sink ledge.