Emergency Hurricane Supplies Checklist


Hurricane season is already here, if you do not already have your supplies this is the time to start! Make sure you are prepared for the worst. Be ready ahead of time so when a hurricane does come, you have everything you need.

Basic Supplies:

  • Water- one gallon a day, per person. 5-7 day supplies

  • Food- 5-7 day supplies of non-perishable food

  • Battery powered radio

  • Flashlight

  • First aid kit

  • Extra batteries

  • Wrench and pliers

  • Can opener

  • Maps

  • Chargers and backup batteries

Additional Supplies:

  • Glasses and contact supplies

  • Infant supplies

  • Pet Supplies

  • Cash

  • Secure family documents

  • Blankets

  • Clothing

  • Matches

  • Supplies to entertain your kids for no power

  • Medications

Be sure to keep supplies in your home, car, and at work. You never know when and where a disaster will happen.

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