Remodeling Your Master Suit on a Budget


The master bedroom is a room to represent yourself. This room is the largest task to redecorate. This space can also be one of the more expensive to re-do as well. Here you can find some ideas to freshen up your space without breaking your budget.

Master Bedroom Bedroom Set


Take your old furniture, or pick up some old pieces at a local Goodwill, and refinish it to your desired look. This is an inexpensive way to get a new bedroom set. Bed sets can be a major cost that we all do not want to add to our bills. Refinishing old pieces gives you a one of a kind look and saves you money as well. You can refinish the piece to be modern and add different handles and accents or you can distress furniture for that rustic look! 

Master Bedroom Accent Wall


Wood reclaimed walls add texture, color, and a rustic feel to your room. This new trend can be on the expensive side if you do it a certain way. To save money on this beautiful trend try and do it yourself. You can get old pallets or old scrap wood to start. Stain the wood different shade or what you are aiming for. You can even paint them a solid color for a more modern look. Try and leave the natural distress and marking to add the rustic feel even more. This is a perfect accent wall that is beyond gorgeous.

Master Bathroom

You can renew your master bath with new lights and finishes. Just changing the color of the finishes is going to give your bathroom a new look. If you have old gold handles and lighting try and replace them. This is a cheap fix and you can change the finishes to a beautiful bronze to enhance the room. Try to change the lighting in a unique way as well. Hanging an accent light will enhance the master. You can do a chandelier or an Edison bulb fixture.


Master Bedroom Bedding

Freshen up the space with a new bed set. This can change the colors and make the bedroom have a fresh and new feel. This can be an inexpensive change as well. You can just change the comforter to a different pattern to have a new look. You can even do this on a smaller of a budget and get textured throw blankets and pillows on your bed you already have. These are easy to change and even cheaper to do.

Master Bedroom Decorations

Decorations can be more of a cost than expected when you decide to redecorate. Use clear jars, containers, and vases for a modern look that will be cost efficient. You can change these with the seasons and have them include new decor inside. These are clean and sleek to make your bedroom elegant.