Decorating your child's room as they grow


Your child will grow like a weed, and change there mind just as fast. Their bedroom is going to change along with them. This can be a large decorating transition. Use these tips to make sure that you're getting the most out of the purchases you make and you are letting their bedroom grow with them.

Use Accessories 

Most kids have a theme that they want to use in the bedroom, and as tempting as this can be it can also change like the wind. They will only be in that phase for such a small amount of time and that is a lot of money wasted. Try to accomplish the theme that they want but with only decorations and not themed furniture. This will allow you to reuse the furniture when they change there mind again.



Cleaning up after your kids is an ongoing cycle that is never ending. Try and integrate organization into their bedroom. They will not have excuses to not clean up when you have so many storage places available to them. Use built in storage or different baskets in their bedroom.


You want a work area for your kids to be creative but also to do homework when they get a little older. Set up a work area in there room and you can transition this to the different stages they are in. This is going to allow them to have a space that is quiet and they can focus. 



Purchase furniture that can be used for a long time. When buying a crib make sure this can be a large enough piece as they grow. Small cribs will be useless to you for how fast your child is going to grow. It is better for them to grow into the bed then grow out of it immediately. Try and purchase a transitional crib to save even more money.