Clearing your home for Back-to-School


Back-to-School means time to organize your home. You can be as prepared as possible for this time of the year, but your home needs to be as well. Make sure you have your house prepared for the change and clean out old items beforehand. This is your chance to start fresh! 


Make a master calendar to organize your month. Make sure that you and your children don't get overwhelmed. Include all important events! Make sure to leave spare days for cleaning the house, sick days, or extra time that you may need. In your calendar include:

  • After school activities
  • Sports practices
  • Sports games
  • Birthdays
  • School events
  • Project due dates
  • Class Parties
  • Vacations
  • and any other important task!


Try and prepare the night before:

Pack school lunches early. Packing a lunch every day saves money and you also know your child is eating healthy. Prepare at night time so you have more free time in the morning to get yourself ready! 

Lay out clothes the night before. Plan all your outfits for you and your child the night before. This will cause less stress in the morning searching for an outfit. 

Clean out your clutter! 

Take this time to throw out or donate items that take up space. Donate old clothes your child grew out of to make closet room for the new items. Do the same for shoes that may have accumulated as well! Toss out old pencil stubs, last year's notebooks, dried out markers, broken crayons, old binders, and agendas. This is going to help clear space in your home for the new supplies that is to come!