10 of the Best House Warming Gifts for New Homeowners

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At some point we all know someone who is moving into a new home. Moving into a new home is a reason to be congratulated. It can be exciting and most of the times overwhelming. To ease a bit of the stress you can always give house warming gifts to lift some of the stress. Who doesn't like new gifts?


Coffee Cups- You can never go wrong with coffee cups and to top it off his and hers are a great idea.


Wine- Almost every one loves a nice bottle of wine. To make it a little more welcoming add a ribbon and a card on the side.  


Anything Personalized- What better way to scream new home than a personalized gift.


Gift Baskets- With gift baskets you can get creative. Like the Photo shows a fancy strainer or basket that can be used is a good idea. 


Door Mats- Every home needs a door mat to trap unwanted dirt. 


Serving Trays- A more practical gift but it comes in handy whether you're serving guest or breakfast in bed. 


Candles- They make great last minute gifts. Or if you're just not sure what to gift them everyone loves candles. 


Cookbooks- Every home should have one. Home cooked meals are where the best memories start.


Signs or Decorations-  Personalize any home with something you can hang on the wall. 


Ornaments- Although Christmas only comes once a year an ornament is thoughtful and will be kept forever. 

 "May the roof above your heads protect you from the elements, and the cozy walls wrap your family in warmth."- Anonymous