Increase your home value!

Increase your home value with these small tips that will help you enhance your home and prevent your home from losing any value!

Improve your curb appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing that anyone is going to view. Improve curb appeal with bright, full plants. Make sure trees and bushes are kept up with and look presentable. Improve your curb appeal as well by cleaning the driveway from stains and keeping the grass cut.

Clean up the home

Keep your home nice and clean. Keeping up with the daily cleaning will avoid stains, rust, and other issues that can occur overtime. This is allowing you to have a nice and clean home but also helping you in the future by keeping the home spotless.


Let light in

Make your home feel and appear larger by letting in all the natural light that you can. The natural light will give you an illusion and allow your home to seem more desirable. Everyone loves a nice open layout home and this natural light enhances it. Try shear curtains or thinner material so more light is seen instead of hidden. Also, try and leave the blinds open.


Paint the interior with neutral tones

Paint your home with neutral wall colors. Neutral wall colors have a better resale value. Someone viewing the home can picture themselves in it more with neutral colors. They want to envision their furniture and not focus on a bright wall color.

Paint the exterior

Dress up the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Nothing enhances a home more than fresh paint. The paint is giving the illusion the home is newer or renovated. This is also attracting them to the outside of the home and not being turned away by fading paint.

img_kitchenupdatelg_ss4 (1).jpg

Update the kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the home that buyers pay the closest attention to. Most of your time is spent in or near the kitchen. Buyers are looking for a new and updated kitchen that they can see themselves in. Try to keep this room as updated as possible.