Last Minute Costume Ideas!

October is a busy month and sometimes we all forget to plan! Halloween is a few days away and if your like me, you haven’t decided on what to wear. These are some last minute ideas for your Halloween costume!

Emoji Girls

If you have little time to go shopping for a costume, try being an emoji! These are simple costumes and you probably already have the clothes in your closet. This costume is also great to do with friends or a group!


Harry Potter Costume

Harry potter is a cute an easy way to dress up your kids and their friends! If you are crammed for time, try just doing a black cape, wand, and glasses. You will save time and still have an adorable costume.


Minnie Mouse Costume

Minnie Mouse is a classic costume that you can never go wrong with! This costume can be easy if you have some Minnie ears. Use any red and black clothes that you have or even a red dress if you do not have time to create a polka dot skirt.

Nerd Costume

Anybody can use the nerd costume as a last-minute look! Grab a calculator, glasses, and some baggy clothes and you are set to go! This is also a cute idea to do with your family or a group of friends.

Skeleton Costume

Dress up or dress down the skeleton costume! Use a white t-shirt to create a custom last-minute skeleton shirt. Create a rib cage illusion and add some black and white makeup to tie together the costume.