DIY Fall Decoration Ideas

Keep your home as festive as you are with small Do- It-Yourself crafts to bring fall inside. Little changes to your home bring in the cozy feel and allow you to have a personal touch.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins


This adorable little trick is great for decorating the bathroom. It is practical and adorable! All you must do is use fabric of your choice and wrap this fabric on the toilet paper to represent a pumpkin. Add finishing touches with a cinnamon stick and fake leaves to have the final look.

Fall Leaf Mason Jars

This cute little trick is great to use on all your old mason jars. All you need for this project is mason jars, leaf stickers, paint, and some ribbon. Use the leaf sticker on the mason jar and paint the surrounding areas. Pull the leaf sticker off and add the finishing touches of a ribbon and a candle inside. You now have an easy mason jar candle holder to accent your home!

best-seller-white-hydrangea-wreath-year-round-spring-elegant-fall-ideas-magnificent-4 (1).jpg

Fall Wreath

Great all your guests with a charming fall wreath. You can do a variety of arrangements to make this decoration stand out. Make this more personal for your family and add your last name initial with the flowers and ribbons of your choice!

1498660917-54eb6f313f138-wine-exogbw-xln (1).jpg

Wine Covers

Add some burlap around your wine bottles that are on display to achieve a rustic, fall look. Throw in some velvet ribbon and some writing of your choice to make this a custom item in your home. You can make this extra unique by adding your initials!