Why Buy New Construction?

Forest Hideaway

According to Trulia’s latest survey, twice as many people prefer new homes to existing homes.  “New” means exactly that: brand new properties that have never been lived in before, or homes purchased in the pre-construction phase.

 You’re able to have the builder personalize the home before construction is completed, so your personal touch will be brought to life and once the home is built it will be painted in your color palette – a big bonus!

 You don’t have to move a finger, hammer, or a paint brush with new construction or pre-construction purchases. The work is done for you!

 New homes come with more of today’s modern lifestyle demands: open, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and large master baths to name a few.

 A big economic benefit of a new constructed home is that you won’t have to do much maintenance. With brand new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air, you should be repair free for at least a few years.

 Taking advantage of the new construction materials, just-built homes are usually more energy efficient; that means potentially lower utility bills.

 You’re moving into a house that should be entirely complete and positively perfect. That “new house smell” will be an added luxury!