4 Reasons to Visit Upcoming Houses (Even if You Don't Plan on Buying)

With us in the midst of completing the first of our new homes, we invite you to check out the four main reasons you should come check these homes out. Even if you don't plan on buying.

Learn from our listing agents

The nearby homeowners and would be sellers in the area represent a large portion of open house traffic. You can use our open houses not only to see what’s for sale and the price of comparable homes in proximity, but to also learn about the market.

Ask our listing agents questions in order to get his or her take on what’s happening in your area. Real estate agents tend to be aware of market changes well before it happens.

Check out the current trends for new homes

Sellers generally go out of their way to put their best foot forward. Some go as far as cosmetically updating or making design/staging changes before putting their homes on the competing market.

They likely rely on their real estate agent to suggest the latest and greatest looks in the market. So if you plan to list your home that needs a little updating, or you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to choosing paint colors, countertops or bath fixtures, going to open houses will allow you to see styles and designs.

Even if you’re not looking to sell, you may get inspired by our designs to make your home feel like new.

Looking for a contractor or designer?

Were you looking for a contractor or designer to update your home? Ask the real estate agent selling the home you liked if they can get you the contact information.

Although most of us get our referrals from friends, it also doesn't hurt to see the finished product in an open house. It could possibly inspire you to replicate what that owner did, and how they did it.

Don't just dream it, Do It!

For the dedicated people who are into real estate, browsing the for sale sites and flipping through listings might not be enough. If you’re truly determined, you take it into your own hands to tour the home for yourself.

Take all of these four points into consideration when checking out an Open House. Even if you aren't searching, it's never a bad idea to be inspired or check out what value the homes around you have.