Enhance your home's curb appeal


The exterior of your home is the first thing that all guests will see. Curb appeal is very important and you want to ensure that your home will reflect yourself in a gorgeous way. These are small upgrades that will enhance your home and the beauty of it's surroundings. 

Add planters to your porch


Grouping potted plants on the front steps and patio will add extra charm to your curb appeal. Try to add potted plants in various ways such as hanging plants, different pots, or even on the wall. You can also have colored pots to add a pop of color to your curb appeal as well. Try to change the flowers with the seasons for a new look.

Let the natural beauty shine 


Your home is beautiful on its own. Try to let the home itself shine more than what is surrounding your home. Trim down trees that can be blocking the view of your home. Controlling the overgrown landscaping is so easy to do and will look stunning after. Try to keep the natural beauty of your home and the outdoors by keeping as many trees as you can and trimming down branches that will block your home.

Pressure wash your home


Pressure washing your home is a great way to freshen up your home. This is a quick and more cost efficient way to having a fresh curb appeal without the cost of repainting. You can also pressure wash your driveway so that your home really does stand out. Removing the excess dirt makes the property look brand new.

Stand out 


Add a pop of color to the curb appeal with a colorful front door. The cost is very minimal and this is going to draw attention to your home as the neighbors drive by. Stand out in your neighborhood with this idea!

Porch swing

Splurge a little on this aspect and buy an adorable porch swing for your home. This is a cute addition that will give your home a country feel and will also be great to add extra seating for company.

Embrace color

Don't be afraid of color! Embrace color and patterns of your home. Having a bold color on the outside is guaranteed to have attention brought to your curb appeal. You do not have to use neutral colors on a home, go bold and see the outcome of a beautifully attractive home.


Remodeling Your Master Suit on a Budget


The master bedroom is a room to represent yourself. This room is the largest task to redecorate. This space can also be one of the more expensive to re-do as well. Here you can find some ideas to freshen up your space without breaking your budget.

Master Bedroom Bedroom Set


Take your old furniture, or pick up some old pieces at a local Goodwill, and refinish it to your desired look. This is an inexpensive way to get a new bedroom set. Bed sets can be a major cost that we all do not want to add to our bills. Refinishing old pieces gives you a one of a kind look and saves you money as well. You can refinish the piece to be modern and add different handles and accents or you can distress furniture for that rustic look! 

Master Bedroom Accent Wall


Wood reclaimed walls add texture, color, and a rustic feel to your room. This new trend can be on the expensive side if you do it a certain way. To save money on this beautiful trend try and do it yourself. You can get old pallets or old scrap wood to start. Stain the wood different shade or what you are aiming for. You can even paint them a solid color for a more modern look. Try and leave the natural distress and marking to add the rustic feel even more. This is a perfect accent wall that is beyond gorgeous.

Master Bathroom

You can renew your master bath with new lights and finishes. Just changing the color of the finishes is going to give your bathroom a new look. If you have old gold handles and lighting try and replace them. This is a cheap fix and you can change the finishes to a beautiful bronze to enhance the room. Try to change the lighting in a unique way as well. Hanging an accent light will enhance the master. You can do a chandelier or an Edison bulb fixture.


Master Bedroom Bedding

Freshen up the space with a new bed set. This can change the colors and make the bedroom have a fresh and new feel. This can be an inexpensive change as well. You can just change the comforter to a different pattern to have a new look. You can even do this on a smaller of a budget and get textured throw blankets and pillows on your bed you already have. These are easy to change and even cheaper to do.

Master Bedroom Decorations

Decorations can be more of a cost than expected when you decide to redecorate. Use clear jars, containers, and vases for a modern look that will be cost efficient. You can change these with the seasons and have them include new decor inside. These are clean and sleek to make your bedroom elegant.

Clearing your home for Back-to-School


Back-to-School means time to organize your home. You can be as prepared as possible for this time of the year, but your home needs to be as well. Make sure you have your house prepared for the change and clean out old items beforehand. This is your chance to start fresh! 


Make a master calendar to organize your month. Make sure that you and your children don't get overwhelmed. Include all important events! Make sure to leave spare days for cleaning the house, sick days, or extra time that you may need. In your calendar include:

  • After school activities
  • Sports practices
  • Sports games
  • Birthdays
  • School events
  • Project due dates
  • Class Parties
  • Vacations
  • and any other important task!


Try and prepare the night before:

Pack school lunches early. Packing a lunch every day saves money and you also know your child is eating healthy. Prepare at night time so you have more free time in the morning to get yourself ready! 

Lay out clothes the night before. Plan all your outfits for you and your child the night before. This will cause less stress in the morning searching for an outfit. 

Clean out your clutter! 

Take this time to throw out or donate items that take up space. Donate old clothes your child grew out of to make closet room for the new items. Do the same for shoes that may have accumulated as well! Toss out old pencil stubs, last year's notebooks, dried out markers, broken crayons, old binders, and agendas. This is going to help clear space in your home for the new supplies that is to come! 

Outdoor Space

Your back patio and backyard is a place for barbecues, birthday parties, and family gatherings. We all spend a lot of time outside making memories with our loved ones. You want to ensure that this space makes all your guest feel at home, warm, and welcomed.  You want to include furniture that is functional and decorations that are beautiful.


Outdoor string lights bring sparkle to your space. These are great for evening events at your home. You have enough lighting to feel warm and cozy. String lights are also an elegant look on your porch. Edison bulb lights can make your room more artistic as well. 



Why have your garden just outside when you can keep it on your porch? This functional ladder holds all the plants you want it to. This is great to grow herbs and spices. It is also a beautiful look and brings the outdoor feel on the porch.


Outdoor seating is a MUST. You want to make sure that you have plenty of room for extra guests to be comfortable. Having an outdoor couch is a beautiful look with a few accent chairs. You can also have ottomans so that you are able to pull up extra seats if needed. 



An outdoor Pergola is an adorable way to decorate the yard and to have some extra shade. You can have this over your grilling area or over some seating with a fire pit. In the mornings this provides shade and you can add lights for the night time s'mores making! 

Ways to decorate for 4th of July

living room.PNG

With every holiday that comes around, we all want to ensure we have festive decorations in our home. Here are some easy and cute ways to add some patriotic colors to your home so that you and your guests are ready for the holiday. 

Flower Arrangements

You can add a little red, white, and blue to your home by adding a floral center piece in your home. These are great to add to your kitchen table or an entry way. You can spruce this decoration up by also adding some flags or ribbon. 

Star Candles

Star candles are also a fun decoration to add. You can find different variations of stars and stripes candles at most stores. Try making an arrangement with a few blue solid candles mixed in with some stripped candles. These also look great in your bathroom or on a TV stand. They will bring more patriotic colors to your home for a year round holiday.


Accent Pillows

Adding patriotic pillows is also a way to add the patriotic theme to your home. You can buy these at most home stores. Just add on a few stripped, flag, America, and colored pillows to your couch. If you want to bring even more of the colors out try adding a throw blanket with the patriotic pillows. 

10 of the Best House Warming Gifts for New Homeowners

housewarming-party-invitation-wording-feature (1).jpg

At some point we all know someone who is moving into a new home. Moving into a new home is a reason to be congratulated. It can be exciting and most of the times overwhelming. To ease a bit of the stress you can always give house warming gifts to lift some of the stress. Who doesn't like new gifts?


Coffee Cups- You can never go wrong with coffee cups and to top it off his and hers are a great idea.


Wine- Almost every one loves a nice bottle of wine. To make it a little more welcoming add a ribbon and a card on the side.  


Anything Personalized- What better way to scream new home than a personalized gift.


Gift Baskets- With gift baskets you can get creative. Like the Photo shows a fancy strainer or basket that can be used is a good idea. 


Door Mats- Every home needs a door mat to trap unwanted dirt. 


Serving Trays- A more practical gift but it comes in handy whether you're serving guest or breakfast in bed. 


Candles- They make great last minute gifts. Or if you're just not sure what to gift them everyone loves candles. 


Cookbooks- Every home should have one. Home cooked meals are where the best memories start.


Signs or Decorations-  Personalize any home with something you can hang on the wall. 


Ornaments- Although Christmas only comes once a year an ornament is thoughtful and will be kept forever. 

 "May the roof above your heads protect you from the elements, and the cozy walls wrap your family in warmth."- Anonymous

The Most Important Home Renovations for Selling Your Home


Do home buyers want fixer uppers or fixed up houses?

Some buyers want fixer uppers. However, most buyers want very minimum cosmetic work when buying a house. Before you start tearing at your home have a plan. Smart sellers will weigh the cost of improvements against the home's market value after the repairs or upgrades are completed. Note that kitchens and bathrooms carry the most return. 

Make a list of renovations or improvements that need to be done. 

download (1).jpg
  • Patch holes and cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Fix all broken appliances.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Replace bad carpet.
  • Repaint  walls with neutral paint (not white).
  • Replace broken window glass.
  • Repair the roof.
  • Change out any dated light fixtures / ceiling fans.
  • Replace old window coverings.
  • Remodel outdated bathrooms and kitchens.

 Choose at least 5 improvements to renovate, from worst to least. When it comes to hiring someone to do the job (because we can't do everything ourselves) don't settle with who you pick because its cheaper. You would rather it be done right then having to spend more by hiring someone else to fix the problem. Never spend more than you can recover in fixing up your home. You also don't want to replace things that aren't going to help you sell. If it is an eye sore or really outdated then replace or repair it.

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Preparing For Hurricane Season


   You can never be too prepared for hurricane season and you don't want to be stuck in a situation wishing you were better prepared. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, the peak occurring between mid August and late October. Threats from hurricanes include high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, storm surge, and tornadoes. This year there are four major hurricanes predicted to be with a category 3 strength or higher.  2017 hurricane season ended with a total of 10 hurricanes, six of those were major. Last year demonstrated just how much we need to prepare with all of the devastating disasters that happened. The NOAA forecast for 2018 estimate one to four major hurricanes and 10 to 16 named storms that will be hurricane strength.

Hurricane Ready? 

  1.  Have a plan- In case of an ordered evacuation know the local evacuation route and where you can stay. Whether it be family, friends, or shelters. 

  2. Prepare your home- Buy tape or wood to board the windows. WATER because you may lose power and water access for several days. Canned goods, bread, etc. because again you may lose power. Secure any loose items outside ( toys, gutters, debris) 

  3. Evacuation bag- Keep a bag stored in case you have to leave. Filled with; a supply kit, flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid, medications, important information. 

Follow any guidance from local authorities and always call 9-1-1 if you are in any danger or hurt. 

What Can You Do To Help Your Community?


Community service can help many different groups of people: children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, animals, and the environment. It is often done near the area where you live, so your community receive the benefits of your work. Many people participate in community service to help others and improve the environment. It can also help gain experience to include in your resume. 

What do you gain from participating in community service?

  • Personal growth
  • Meet new friends
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Help others


Five Community Service/Non-Profit Organizations You Can Be Involved In. 

Lawn Care Tips for the Summer!


People benefit from healthy grasses, trees, shrubs and lawn care. Not only does a healthy, clean lawn increase the quality of life for your yard it also improves your property value and value of the neighborhood.

Summer is the time when kids are mostly outside playing due to summer break. It is also a time when your lawn needs more attention as it is exposed to heat, droughts, different pests, and more. A hot summer can leave bare spots and thin areas as well as lawn diseases such as brown patch which thrive in warmer weather conditions. Regular maintenance can prevent such things from happening to your lawn. Below are a list of ways to regularly maintain your yard.

Yard Tips-

  • Grass cutting: In the summer your grass grows faster and you may need to cut once a week. To keep grass healthy you want to mow often enough so you're not removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Raise your mower blades in the summer.
  • Weeds: Apply a weed control, any weeds that have escaped a herbicide application should be removed with a garden fork. Pulling weeds is the most effective yet time consuming way to get rid of those pesky eye sores. Make sure to use gardening gloves
  • WateringLawns need at least one inch of water per week. Water deeply and less frequently. Water only when needed and only for an hour between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m.  

Can Houseplants Purify The Air?


During a famous NASA experiment in 1989 researchers found that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer-causing volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. Later research found that soil microorganisms in potted plants also played a part in cleaning indoor air. Bill Wolverton, a former NASA research scientist who conducted the 1989 study stated "the amount of leaf surface area influences the rate of air purification."  He stated that it's impossible to guess how many plants may be needed to clean a room of contaminants. But he would recommend at least two "good sized" plants per 100 sf. The bigger and leafier the plant, the better. Studies have also shown plants can reduce stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system. More research has sown spending time around nature and plants increases a persons mood and energy levels. 

While Wolverton's first plant of choice for indoors would be the Golden Pothos here is a list of most common used house plants.

The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter


Changing your air filter in your home is beneficial to your health. Replacing your filter ensures healthier and cleaner air. Leaving the same filter in for too long collects Dust Mites, Pollen and other small particles, this is particularly important to people with Asthma. 

Not only is changing the air filter in your home frequently beneficial to your health it is also beneficial to your pockets. Checking your air filter regularly increases the longevity of your system. A clogged system can cost you thousands in repairs, not only can your system malfunction it can raise the cost of your electricity bill. A dirty filter uses much more energy than a new filter. By keeping your filter regularly replaced you can save up to 15% of cost per year. 

Depending on which system you have you should change your air filter every 1 to 3 months. If you have a cat or dog change every 60 days. Add a few pets or someone with allergies, change every 20-45 days. You can find the information for a new filter on your system and shouldn't need a handyman to change it. It should be fairly easy to change and at a small cost to your pockets.


Becoming Better At Budgeting


  When hearing the word budgeting it doesn't have to make you cringe. Budgeting can be stress free and give you peace of mind if you're consistent with it. Understand the goal for your budget, which is to help us control what we are spending and focus our spending's on what matter most. There are many ways to budget and you want to find the way that works best for you. There are also plenty of free apps you can try Every Dollar,  is a great app to use or try the old school way if you prefer (grab a planner and write everything down). Below are 5 effective ways to help you budget and stay less stressed. 

  1. Be Realistic - Start by calculating how much income you will be bringing in every month. Shorting your income will give you a little wiggle room (in case you have to take a day off or something). Next, add all of your expenses for the month. You can sum this number up a little higher so you might have a little extra spending money.  Include everything you usually spend money on. Now will be a good time to pull those bank statements out. 

  2. Find The Difference Between Needs and Wants- NEEDS COME FIRST! Rent, Car Payments, Electric Bill, etc. Wants can be eating out, grabbing a coffee on the way to work, clothes, etc.

  3. Spend Cash-  Try spending more cash. Especially on wants as this will make you more cautious of what you're spending on. Those $4 here and $5 there start adding up and when you see it subtract you'll want to spend less. 

  4. Categories- Give yourself 2 categories you want to cut back spending on. Most people overspend in just a few categories. Common overspent areas include; eating out, shopping, entertainment, etc. 

  5. Savings- Plan to add to savings monthly. Unfortunately we can never predict when we will have an emergency. It's always best to have a savings to fall back on. Make a goal on what you want to save for, some months are unpredictable. Holidays, birthdays, back to school supplies, routine car maintenance whatever it may be don't let these expenses creep up on you and leave you strapped for the month. 

   If you don't have enough money to budget everything every month just prioritize and do your best. After all it is a start and something is better than nothing. 



Buying a Home In Jacksonville!



When buying a home you're buying the area not just just the home, you have to love your surroundings. Consider meeting neighbors, looking into crime rate, and what business' are surrounding you. You can't love the home you buy if you don't love the area you chose to build in. You want to make a smart purchase when it comes to choosing a home for yourself, or your growing family. Jacksonville was listed number Three on www.Forbes.com for, a population growth of 5.9% within 3 years, job growth of 6.1% in a short 2 years, and a home price growth of 8% in 1 year. Areas to consider when buying in Jacksonville,Fl;

  • Mandarin: with a median home value of $180,640.
  • Julington Creek: with a median home value of $235,756 and A rated schools.
  • Nocatee: with a median home value of $351,700 and ranked #9 for best places to live in Florida, per U.S Census.

Check out the neighborhoods with Southern Impression Homes today!


Traveling For The Holidays....


Here Are Some Great Tips For Holiday Travel!

  • Make sure you get a good nights rest before you start your trip.
  • Prepare meals ahead of time so you can snack on your way.
  • Pack light have your necessities in your carry-on bag, just in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Bring earplugs to help you with unwanted noise during this holiday season
  • Stay connected, charge all of your electronics ahead of time and invest in a wireless charger. Also, check out these great Travel Apps.
  • Ship your holiday gifts instead of bringing them with you. This could save you time & money.
  • Plan for the unexpected, always give yourself enough time when traveling.

Perfect Tips For Saving $$ During The Year!

  • Put money aside each month so at Christmas time you have some extra cash for the holidays.
  • Make notes in your phone if people mention things they need, like or want. Then when it comes to Christmas time, you have your list already!
  • Try and buy your gifts for next year after the holiday season when everything goes on sale.

Start Fresh. Buy New.


Did you know that Newly Built Homes....

  • are up to 30% more efficient than homes built just 10 years ago...
  • save 3,449 KWH a year, on average...
  • offer higher ceilings
  • offer twice the bathroom space...
  • offer 3x the closet space.
  • comes with a 2/10 Home Warranty..
  • have very little maintenance compared to existing homes.
  • are completely move in ready. There's little to nothing that you have to do to start enjoying your new home.

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Great Things You Should Know About St Johns County!

                           St Augustine


Did you know that St Johns County residents get free admission during the month of September? Places like the Old Town Trolley, Old Jail and Lightner Museum are just some places that treat the locals.  I like to think of this as a "thank you" after the Labor Day holiday for being such gracious hosts to all the many tourists that visit this fine city year after year. 

I love the hometown feel of St. Augustine and we even recently celebrated the 450th anniversary of the founding fathers landing on the banks St Augustine all those years ago.  The week long celebration included a party in the streets that brought in big name acts like EmmyLou Harris, Aaron Neville and even JJ Grey and Mofro. The King of Spain also made an appearance after the cake cutting ceremony.

                       World Golf Village 


Just down the the road is another up and coming area which we refer to as World Golf Village.  This area is currently booming right now with many new restaurants having opened in the last few months and just last week an Auto Zone planted some roots.  Residents will no longer have to drive 20 plus miles just for replacement wiper blades.  We all know how worn out they get with all this rain this time of year.

Lastly, if you are looking to move to St Johns county, you definitely have many options to chose from.  Let Suncoast Property Management help you find your new home.  There is even a newly created beach entry lagoon style pool that's in it's final stages of development that will surely be hit with children and adults alike.

All of this development rides on the coattails of the huge retail giant at the border of the Duval and St Johns county line. The much anticipated Bass Pro Shop will be here before we know it.  This economic development is sure to entice many more residents to move into these area and we welcome them with open arms.

By Paula Hoffmann, resident St Johns co 17 years

Why Buy New Construction?

According to Trulia’s latest survey, twice as many people prefer new homes to existing homes.  “New” means exactly that: brand new properties that have never been lived in before, or homes purchased in the pre-construction phase.

 You’re able to have the builder personalize the home before construction is completed, so your personal touch will be brought to life and once the home is built it will be painted in your color palette – a big bonus!

 You don’t have to move a finger, hammer, or a paint brush with new construction or pre-construction purchases. The work is done for you!

 New homes come with more of today’s modern lifestyle demands: open, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and large master baths to name a few.

 A big economic benefit of a new constructed home is that you won’t have to do much maintenance. With brand new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air, you should be repair free for at least a few years.

 Taking advantage of the new construction materials, just-built homes are usually more energy efficient; that means potentially lower utility bills.

 You’re moving into a house that should be entirely complete and positively perfect. That “new house smell” will be an added luxury!

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Southern Impression Homes is proud to announce the newest member of the Family... Suncoast Realty FL


Suncoast Realty FL is our exclusive, full-service Brokerage that has been created with the intention to exclusively list all of our New Development Homes and to focus on new and existing customers in the Northeast Florida area.

Whether you are an investor or you're buying/selling your personal home, lot, or commercial property - the amazing sales agents are in place to professionally and competently assist you throughout the entire transaction! 

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